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Thursday, March 29, 2007


After discover at least 3 grammatical errors in my mass email happiness survey that I sent out at 2:45 last night, I feel my ulcers rumbling in my stomach as I am reluctant to sign in to my new email account for the results. This, below, doesn't help matters much:

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Friday March 23, 2007
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animadversion \an-uh-mad-VUHR-zhuhn\, noun:
1. Harsh criticism or disapproval.
2. Remarks by way of criticism and usually of censure -- often used with 'on'.

No weakness of the human mind has more frequently incurred animadversion.
-- Samuel Johnson, Rambler No. 155, September 10, 1751

This animadversion pales before those of other critics.
-- Scott C. Martin, "Violence, Gender, and Intemperance in Early National Connecticut", Journal of Social History, Winter 2000

This is neither a compliment nor an animadversion -- just a conclusion.
-- Robert Schwarz, "Passion: Ein Gestandnis", World Literature Today, January 1, 1995

It is unfortunate, therefore, that Stephen Holmes mars his otherwise helpful Anatomy of Antiliberalism with a few stray animadversions on libertarianism.
-- Hayward, Steven, "Political Liberalism", Reason, February 1, 1994

Animadversion is from Latin animadversio, animadversion-, from animadversus, past participle of animadvertere, "to turn the mind toward," from animus, "mind, spirit" + advertere, "to turn toward," from ad, "toward" + vertere, "to turn."

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