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Friday, March 30, 2007

Not too shabby...

In the first 24 hours alone, I've received about 22 survey reponses... with almost half of them being from people I have never met in my life. My plan is to post the responses by date.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


After discover at least 3 grammatical errors in my mass email happiness survey that I sent out at 2:45 last night, I feel my ulcers rumbling in my stomach as I am reluctant to sign in to my new email account for the results. This, below, doesn't help matters much:

Word of the Day Archive
Friday March 23, 2007
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animadversion \an-uh-mad-VUHR-zhuhn\, noun:
1. Harsh criticism or disapproval.
2. Remarks by way of criticism and usually of censure -- often used with 'on'.

No weakness of the human mind has more frequently incurred animadversion.
-- Samuel Johnson, Rambler No. 155, September 10, 1751

This animadversion pales before those of other critics.
-- Scott C. Martin, "Violence, Gender, and Intemperance in Early National Connecticut", Journal of Social History, Winter 2000

This is neither a compliment nor an animadversion -- just a conclusion.
-- Robert Schwarz, "Passion: Ein Gestandnis", World Literature Today, January 1, 1995

It is unfortunate, therefore, that Stephen Holmes mars his otherwise helpful Anatomy of Antiliberalism with a few stray animadversions on libertarianism.
-- Hayward, Steven, "Political Liberalism", Reason, February 1, 1994

Animadversion is from Latin animadversio, animadversion-, from animadversus, past participle of animadvertere, "to turn the mind toward," from animus, "mind, spirit" + advertere, "to turn toward," from ad, "toward" + vertere, "to turn."

Let the madness begin.

Sent to roughly 111 friends... not BCC (email wouldn't go through unless I copied everyone... am already fearing the "reply all" responses...

Dear Friends,

For those of you whom I have not spoken to for a while, I'm still
alive, dodging trains and attempting to make films up in Boston.
Please forgive my lack of communication in the past few months since I
exiled myself from the tri-state area! For the rest of you, yes, be
prepared for another mass-email request.

As most of you know, as part of my MA program at Emerson College, my
final project requirement is a 20 minute documentary on any topic.
While it's not due for another 14 months, I am starting to have
anxiety attacks over the thought of getting this thing finished (and I
haven't even started yet!). So, I'm starting now. At 2:33 in the

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to email me back at
this email address, with your responses to the following questions:

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Occupation:

4. What is your definition of happiness?

5. Are you happy? If so, how do you know? If not, how come?

Please be as truthful as possible!! Without sounding too much like an
SAT proctor, "There is no right or wrong answer!" I absolutely
promise that I will in no way share your information with anyone
without your consent. Your responses, with your permission, will be
posted on a website that I am creating for the film. Your responses
can be anonymous on the website-- it is completely up to you.

This email project is a primitive litmus test that I promise will grow
into something a little more profound within the next year. But, it
cannot be done without your help!

Finally, please feel free to pass this anyone and everyone you know,
and have them email their response to this email address, I know it's a pain to pass this on, but it
would be a huge help for me. There's about 100 of you copied on this,
so if you all sent it out to even just 10 people each, that would
be... um... a really awesome amount of people! Sorry, I lost my math
skills back in 2005. Ok, I admit it, I never really had them to begin

Thanks in advance for all of your help!!!!!

Peace, love, and maybe even happiness,


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

So, here I am, with six Safari windows open at the bottom of my PowerBook's dashboard, two Word documents open in the hopes of writing down ideas for my most recent paper (due next week), as well as my final paper (due next month), and all I keep thinking about is the crunching timeline that crunches my mind more and more as each day passes: The Master's Project. Yes, my 20 minute documentary, the one that grants me my Masters, and perhaps (finally), some street cred in this filmie phile region. It's about time I get busy living, or get busy dying, or failing the Emerson College Media Arts Program.

This blog will serve as the main website for information about my master's project, tentatively titled Happy Hunting. Soon I will be sending out a mass email to all those near and dear to my heart, in a selfish plea for their definitions of happiness. With their permission, the responses will be posted on this site. Once I begin interviews and obtaining footage, I'll be able to post rough cuts of my project, which of course, will be open for feedback/ridicule.

Without giving too much away, some backgrounder on the idea for my film can be found here:

That's all for now. I have to get cracking on all my other (life) assignments.

Peace, love, and maybe even happiness,