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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graduation, Film Publicity, & Cross-Country Tripin'!!

I ended up finishing grad school with a 4.0 GPA (that's to make up for the 3.99 I had at Pace). Yeah, nerdiness!!

Graduation was anti-climatic, as they always are, but I still had an awesome time with my friends and family. Plus, I was the only student to walk onstage with a video camera to capture life in true verite form!

Today we leave for our cross-country road trip, from Boston-Seattle, then down to Portland. We'll be gone until June 3rd, but you can read all about our travels on the New England Film Junkie blog:

Be sure to visit the blog often as I'll be posting photos/travel adventures there!

In the meantime, check out this article that Darren Garnick from the Boston Herald wrote about Happy Hunting and our trip!!

We'll see you on the road!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

10 More Days Until Our Great American Road Trip!!

Only 10 more days until our cross-country trip!! Here's our tentative schedule:

5/20 leave Boston, arrive Niagara Falls
5/21 Tour Niagara Falls, arrive Cleveland
5/22-5/23 Cleveland
5/23 Depart Cleveland, arrive Chicago
5/23-5/26 Chicago, arrive Sioux Falls or some random place in South Dakota
5/27 Mount Rushmore
5/28 Yellowstone National Park
5/29-5/31 Seattle
6/1-6/3 Portland
6/3 Fly home to Boston

The rental car is reserved, our flight back home is booked, most of our hotel accommodations are set in place, we've got a GPS, plus tons of maps (courtesy of AAA), my friend Craig let me borrow his camera bag for the HVX, and now the only thing left to do is... pack!! Yikes!! With my family coming into town for commencement next week, it's going to have to get done in one major cram session.

Other things I have to do:
-get a pedicure (my poor feet haven't been done since last year!!)
-buy digital camera batteries
-buy an IPod
-buy tapestock!!
-do laundry
-call MasterCard so they don't shut off my card when I make random purchases at Wall-Drug, SD

Thankfully, planning the trip/film has kept my mind off of the other major event in my life... graduation!! I am so UNhappy to be finishing up at Emerson, but grateful that I'll be sticking around throughout the summer to finish the film. All of the VMAers have been getting together a lot more frequently lately, as we're all aware that these are our final days together before everyone departs for separate corners of the country/planet. It's actually one of the things that's kept me from posting in the past two months-- I feel like my time at Emerson just began, and it's already two years since I made the decision to move to Boston and attend graduate school.

Ahhh!! This is all just too sad!! I need to be happy and grateful that I've been fortunate enough to have even had all these wonderful experiences and memories. Besides, the Celtics are on, and I need to make sure they kick some Cavalier butt!