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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graduation, Film Publicity, & Cross-Country Tripin'!!

I ended up finishing grad school with a 4.0 GPA (that's to make up for the 3.99 I had at Pace). Yeah, nerdiness!!

Graduation was anti-climatic, as they always are, but I still had an awesome time with my friends and family. Plus, I was the only student to walk onstage with a video camera to capture life in true verite form!

Today we leave for our cross-country road trip, from Boston-Seattle, then down to Portland. We'll be gone until June 3rd, but you can read all about our travels on the New England Film Junkie blog:

Be sure to visit the blog often as I'll be posting photos/travel adventures there!

In the meantime, check out this article that Darren Garnick from the Boston Herald wrote about Happy Hunting and our trip!!

We'll see you on the road!


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