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Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're back! Now the real fun begins...

We're back from our amazing journey across the Mass Pike to the West Coast ;) I cannot believe that the weather has been hotter here than it was on our trip!

We had a wonderful time, and met a ton of wonderful people, and wild buffalo! But now the real fun begins-- editing the film! I've been locked away for the past few days at Emerson, digitizing all of the footage I shot. It's fun to be able to relive the trip, but it's not so fun sitting in this editing suite-- it's FREEZING in here!! I packed an extra pair of socks and am wearing long sleeves and gloves, despite the 80 degree weather outdoors.

In case you haven't seen the blog journals that we posted on the road, you can check them out in the next few posts.

Many, many thanks to Darren Garnick and the Boston Herald for sponsoring the blog and supporting the film!

You can read more of Darren's articles (and view his own film trailers!) on the following links:

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